Our Team

Carrie Alme


Carrie is the owner of Alme Design Co. Lucky for us, she also likes to express her nerdy side and manages all the logistics of the business. In a feat that boggles the mind, she actually puts her medical degree to good use and is a practicing physician at a local, top-rated hospital.  And, in case you weren’t already intimidated by her awesomeness, she has two amazing children and a cute little pup who adore her even more than we do. 

Jodi Kurtz


Jodi is the true Jane of all trades. She is the lead designer, project manager and basically makes sure everything happens all the time. She holds a Bachelors degree in Art and Design and a Masters in Organizational Leadership as well as an amazing attitude.  She is a furniture designer on the side and has done all the cool things like designing for an HBO documentary as well as numerous East Coast commercial and residential clients. She is the master of reinventing old pieces of junk into beautiful, functional pieces.  

Ashlee Barker


Ashlee comes to us from Denver, Colorado, where she co-owned a home staging and interior decorating company.  She brings with her a love of beauty and design and an ability to transform chaos into order. She loves to design purposeful spaces so that people can love where they live and find joy in the simple things instead of anxiety in the clutter.  She fights her own war on clutter (as well as worms, slugs, dirt, mud...) for her family in the country area of Cedarburg where she lives with her husband and two young children.  

Katie Ferguson


Katie is our creative, passionate, beautiful problem solver.  If you just can’t see the potential in something, anything, Katie can. She loves mixing design styles and she’s good at it.  She can add pops of color and organizational tricks to create spaces that feel fresh and welcoming. She gets a thrill from finding amazing deals the way only a design-junkie could.  She lives in Whitefish Bay with her husband and two daughters who benefit greatly from her design prowess.       

Samantha Whitefeather


Samantha brings her love of function and minimalism to the team.  She can effortlessly blend timeless design with modern elements, is creative, and truly gifted at finding all the bargains.  She’s a busy mom of 10 kids, wrangles 3 cats and a dog, and somehow also manages to be a photographer.  She and her family live in the historic Concordia neighborhood of Milwaukee where they are restoring a 110 year old home... because they needed another project.